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Communications Kit

Welcome to your online resource of communication tools provided to help you promote and celebrate your NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI accreditation. Your accreditation is a distinctive mark of quality that recognizes, nationally and internationally, your commitment to quality and excellence in education. With this communications kit, you'll be able to spread the word in your community and beyond about your commitment and dedication to student achievement.

AdvancED also offers several accreditation tools and promotional items to help you promote your accreditation in your community. Please note that the promotional items are available for purchase by NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI accredited schools and school systems only.

We also have introduced, for those schools awarded AdvancED STEM Certification, a section with tools designed to specifically assist with promoting STEM certification with stakeholders as well.

Check out the available tools and promotional items below, and be sure to view your toolkit often, as additional tools will be added. If you have questions regarding the use of these tools, contact our Communications Department at communications-info@advanc-ed.org. If you have specific questions about accreditation, please contact your local AdvancED office.

Accreditation Tools for Schools/Systems

Accreditation Seals

Press Releases


School System


Education Service Agency

Boiler Plate Messaging


Certification Tools for Schools (For AdvancED STEM Certified Schools Only)



Stakeholder Series Brochures (Print on Demand)

Informational Handout

Promotional Items (click each item to view)


Raise this flag above your building to share your accreditation status with your local community.

Window Decals

Place this decal on the front door or window of your school and everyone who enters will be reminded of your school's commitment to quality education.

Diploma Seals

Place these 1.5/8 inch (w) x 7/8 (h) seals on your students' diplomas to show that they are graduating from an accredited school.

Order these promotional items to help you share your accreditation with your community.

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Last Updated: May 19, 2015

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